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Well, this is my site for now... No major changes, besides a new template and a new host, technically... :P I'm still going to use 1and1 to host the domain and email, but I'm using angelfire for the actual web hosting. And due to this, if you try to refresh the site, it'll refresh to the index page, not the page you were on :P But other than that, I'll have some art and other things up later today...

And I was trying to have this area scroll, but the computer doesn't seem to want to listen... Oh well... And also, the art area probably won't be up until later. I don't know yet though, so, just keep stopping by to find out ^^ And also once again, I have the site in a blog-like style on purpose; if anybody else wanted to help run the site, then they could post here too :D And the template isn't complete yet either... :P

So, until I actually update the site and get people to visit it, this is it... :P It's kind of like I'm talking to myself here...

Posted By: Sephiroth12